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I was asked to be an Ambassador for 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day in September 2020 by founder of the organization Carolyn Steyn, to drive more interest to 67 Blankets. So, I decided to put out a Facebook post calling for people who would like to make a difference to our greater community to help those in need. The challenge then was put out to make as many green and gold blankets for the Massive Bokke Blanket, to celebrate South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup. There were many wonderful ladies from Dainfern, whom I had never met before, all volunteering to crochet blankets for the challenge.

We became a tight knit Dainfern 67 Blankets family of ‘KnitWits for Madiba’ in a short space of time, knitting our nation together one stitch at a time, keeping those in need warm during the cold months.

The Dainfern KnitWits, together with 67 Blankets, recently worked on the Rainbow Nation Blanket of Hope. This challenge was in partnership with Gift of the Givers and Doctors Without Borders to make bright colourful blankets. These were laid out at Steyn City School on Wednesday, 11 May 2022, paying tribute to the true heroes of today, our frontline workers. These blankets (made with love), are currently being distributed by Gift of the Givers to people in need.

Collectively, the Dainfern KnitWits have contributed over a thousand blankets to the 67 Blankets cause. Not only has the initiative brought people together as a family, but it has also created lifelong friendships.

We knit and crochet for 67 Blankets, who then distribute the blankets, with the help of Stuttaford Van Lines, to those in need across South Africa.

The Dainfern KnitWits always welcome new members to our tightlyknit 67 Blankets family. Anyone who has time on their hands to make a difference to those in need are more than welcome to join.

If one does not have the time to crochet, donations of wool are most welcome. Find your local 67 Blankets ambassador on and please join our Facebook group 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day (South Africa), Instagram @67blankets and Twitter @67Blankets

Colleen Teklenburg
Ambassador for Dainfern Knitwits
for 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day

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