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Brett Shuttleworth

30 June 2020

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Creating a Ripple Effect of Love Globally

TRAVEL become an intrinsic part of Brett Shuttleworth’s lifestyle as a former international rugby player and exsupermodel who represented the most prestigious couture houses such as Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Back then it was more about catching the wave of success, than creating a ripple effect of love in people’s lives, becoming at one point, the most marketable celebrity in South Africa.

On the pinnacle of his success as a supermodel, Shuttleworth was getting asked by agents to act in Hollywood, seeing their profi tability rise through his presence on the big screen. This led him to train as an actor and make the transition from New York to Los Angeles, and star as himself in the Blockbuster American Pie II.

Even after having achieved fame, success and being celebrated globally, Brett was astounded that despite all his external achievements, his soul still not smiling

He walked away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and went on a search for his true purpose, on a spiritual journey to fi nd out what life is really about.

After his intense spiritual journey, from spending time with world renowned religious and spiritual gurus, and engaging deeply with consciousness, his answers and purpose became crystal clear.

Like the Beatles, he had been drawn to a small town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh, known for ashrams and gurus who had sat on the holy banks of the Ganges River over generations, and said to have found enlightenment.

Through the different approaches to life he had found there, Brett along with a friend from Belgium, had fi lmed a documentary incapsulating the wisdom shared by the world’s top spiritual leaders. This included the likes of Mooji, considered today, to be one of the most enlightened masters on the planet. Brett had also dedicated himself to studying Zen and Hojo, a Japanese Martial Arts sword-fi ghting technique.

At the end of this quest, he returned to South Africa to launch Brett Shuttleworth as a transformational brand. Through a perfect blend of transformation and hands-on inspiration tools, culminating in the wisdom he found through his travels, he was on the path to inspiring a whole new generation of leaders.

Brett quickly become known as the rockstar of transformation, with clients such as Virgin Active, Sanlam, Arcelor Mittal and Vodacom hiring his services to inspire their most relevant teams and forefront players.

Today Brett has the freedom to create the exact life he wants to live, facilitating transformation for people globally, and has made travel an essential part of his lifestyle.

This includes the launch of the Smiling Soul Retreats which are reaching people in a different way. The intention behind each Retreat is to expose a choice destination while integrating all of Brett’s teachings, through local cultural experiences, adventure, fun and travel. India was the launching pad for the Retreats and thereafter was followed by Bali and now, retreats also being hosted in South Africa.

Next projects include Incentive Programmes and Customised Yatras (retreats on yachts) for professional teams who want a personalised experience designed, while having a great time.

As a visionary, Brett shares his wisdom with anyone who is seeking enlightenment, peace, success and optimal happy living, from the man on the street, to corporate clients, sports teams and elite performers, to individuals who work with him through the coaching that he offers.

People often ask Brett how he changes someone’s life and what he is pointing them towards.

“To me crossing the river from the outside world to the inside world, is where and how you discover your true self. It is a loving intelligence and intelligent love that exists beyond the senses, beyond the mind and body. We want to make the spiritual process mainstream. Something beyond body and mind should become a living experience for everyone in the world.”

“If I did not see evidence of my work changing people’s lives, I wouldn’t do it, why would I want to? I know for a fact that within each and every one of us, there is this marvellous knowing: that we are destined for greatness and the expression of our highest selves to the world. It is a self that you haven’t been trained to believe in; you’ve been trained to believe in your ordinary awareness. My mission is to guide you back to your source of extraordinary potential, thereby creating a ripple effect of love across the globe.”